Tuesday, October 19, 2010

needing strength

Nathan just got home from the Hospital, his haemoglobin's and white cells were very low yesterday, we took him to Brenner's and he was admitted  to get a blood transfusion, he also had a blood culture done,checking for infection, we are hopeful that it will be ruled out. During his blood transfusion he started to run a fever, he stayed over night, this morning they ran his CBC and his platelets were low, so he got some platelets today, his fever went down. We were able to come home this evening. We will be taking him Thursday morning to check his CBC, if they are back up to normal than he will go in that same day for chemo treatment, if not then he will be going Monday morning for his chemo treatment. The good news is that Nathan is feeling good and has no fever. Initial results from the blood culture so far rule out infection.

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