Monday, November 14, 2011

Nathan is doing good

Nathan is doing good.  He will soon be going in for a checkup and we are holding on to the Lords total healing.  Nathan is liking school and doing very well for his 1st year.  He has had a busy fall with family and loving it.  He did decide that football was not for him.  Which is okay, because once again he is still a pro.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flag football

Nathan will soon start flag football on October 1st.  Boy, this Grandma Tami is so very proud and happy for him.  To be able to do other things that little 5 year boys do.  How exciting.  Nathan is so very strong, is loving school, and growing fast.  Maybe this flag football is just the beginning.  Who knows maybe a pro someday.  Actually Nathan is already a pro.   Grandma loves you Nathan!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everything does happen for a reason even though we might never know what that reason is.

It was a year ago that Nathan was diagnosis with Cancer. ( 8/11/2010)  I am so happy that Nathan is in remission. I remember when this first happen I used to ask God why me, why my son, I can't do this! Nathan gave me so much strength through this all, he never once complain or asked why?  I remember having to get in the shower every morning before anyone woke up so I could cry. Now I wake up every morning and Thank God for the miracle he performed on Nathan. I know we still have to pray and continue to ask God to perform a miracle on Nate. But, I am so THANKFUL for everything. We all take life for granted, including myself.  Everything does happen for a reason even though we might never know what that reason is.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nathan is finished!

Nathan is finished  with everything chemo and radiation!!! In about a month he will get his port-a-cath taken out! so after 2 Biopsy, 14 chemo treatments, 18 Dr. visits, 6 ER visits, hair loss, 6 antibiotic treatments, 47 in-patient stays, 8 fever/Neutropenia, 1 Line Placement port, 2 lumbar puncture, 220 Blood Draws/pokes, 44 Radiation, 1 surgery, 22 CT scans/MRI/X-rays, and 21 Transfusions-we can say he's DONE! I am one proud mommy! Nate has grown up so much, we are so proud of him! We just wanted to thank everyone for all their prays and continue support! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

almost over

After a very long 6 weeks of Radiation Nathan finally completed Radiation Therapy on February 24th,2011. His arm has healed and there is no more sunburn or blisters. He only has two more Chemotherapy treatments left! He was to go in on this last Monday for one of them, but his counts are two low.
Nathan is over all this, He is ready to start school and play sports with all the other kids his age. As his Mother, I feel his pain, I want him as well to have all the fun I know he can have. Also as his mom I am so proud of him. He has shown me how strong he is and that anything is possible. Nathan has been my strength through this all. Everyday I wake up and cry, not only because this sucks to go through all of this but because he is almost done. Nathan never complains, he goes with it, he is going to beat cancer and grow up to do amazing things!
Thank You Nate for your strength and getting me through this.
Thank You to everyone who has kept my family in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

doing good

Nathan has been doing very well. His counts are really high! Radiation has been going very good, his skin is getting a little red, but no blisters or irritation, so no complaints. He is feeling a little fatigue from it, but no more than expected.
He has grown up a lot over these last couple weeks. We are very proud of him. In fact me and Nathan watched a video about 46 mommas who shaved their head for there kids who have had to battle cancer or who are battling cancer. Nathan thought it was pretty cool, during the video they said that 46 kids in the united states are diagnosed with cancer every weekday.
Me and Nate talk about different things we want to do after he is done with his treatments, and I think God I don't want to do any of it, I just want to forget about it. I mean I even hate writing this blog, because who wants to give updates about their kids cancer? but, at the same time I know that Nathan will be able to go and play with kids who will be going through treatment and it won't bother him, to him they are normal and not different and if that will make other kids feel special than I know I will want to experience that with him.

Monday, January 3, 2011

counts are low

Nathan has been doing very well, He had a wonderful Christmas. He was able to come home on 12/24 and enjoy Christmas. He went in on Tuesday for some blood and was able to come home, Thursady he started to get a low fever, called the doctor and he wanted him to go to the hospital, we have been here since. Nathens seems to be doing fine, he still has a very good appetite and he still all over the place, he just cant seem to keep his counts up, We have no idea when we will be going home. Today he will go down to Radiation for his trial run, to see if he can sit still for a couple mins so he does not have to be sedated for 6 weeks. So we are hoping that it is not painful so he can handle it. Well he is getting more blood right now, so we are hopefully his counts will stay up and we can go hme in the next couple days, even though at this point he also due for his 2-day chemo treatment. I am hoping he can go home for a couple days before his treatment. Thank you veryone for all your prayers.