Monday, January 3, 2011

counts are low

Nathan has been doing very well, He had a wonderful Christmas. He was able to come home on 12/24 and enjoy Christmas. He went in on Tuesday for some blood and was able to come home, Thursady he started to get a low fever, called the doctor and he wanted him to go to the hospital, we have been here since. Nathens seems to be doing fine, he still has a very good appetite and he still all over the place, he just cant seem to keep his counts up, We have no idea when we will be going home. Today he will go down to Radiation for his trial run, to see if he can sit still for a couple mins so he does not have to be sedated for 6 weeks. So we are hoping that it is not painful so he can handle it. Well he is getting more blood right now, so we are hopefully his counts will stay up and we can go hme in the next couple days, even though at this point he also due for his 2-day chemo treatment. I am hoping he can go home for a couple days before his treatment. Thank you veryone for all your prayers.

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