Tuesday, January 25, 2011

doing good

Nathan has been doing very well. His counts are really high! Radiation has been going very good, his skin is getting a little red, but no blisters or irritation, so no complaints. He is feeling a little fatigue from it, but no more than expected.
He has grown up a lot over these last couple weeks. We are very proud of him. In fact me and Nathan watched a video about 46 mommas who shaved their head for there kids who have had to battle cancer or who are battling cancer. Nathan thought it was pretty cool, during the video they said that 46 kids in the united states are diagnosed with cancer every weekday.
Me and Nate talk about different things we want to do after he is done with his treatments, and I think God I don't want to do any of it, I just want to forget about it. I mean I even hate writing this blog, because who wants to give updates about their kids cancer? but, at the same time I know that Nathan will be able to go and play with kids who will be going through treatment and it won't bother him, to him they are normal and not different and if that will make other kids feel special than I know I will want to experience that with him.

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