Tuesday, March 22, 2011

almost over

After a very long 6 weeks of Radiation Nathan finally completed Radiation Therapy on February 24th,2011. His arm has healed and there is no more sunburn or blisters. He only has two more Chemotherapy treatments left! He was to go in on this last Monday for one of them, but his counts are two low.
Nathan is over all this, He is ready to start school and play sports with all the other kids his age. As his Mother, I feel his pain, I want him as well to have all the fun I know he can have. Also as his mom I am so proud of him. He has shown me how strong he is and that anything is possible. Nathan has been my strength through this all. Everyday I wake up and cry, not only because this sucks to go through all of this but because he is almost done. Nathan never complains, he goes with it, he is going to beat cancer and grow up to do amazing things!
Thank You Nate for your strength and getting me through this.
Thank You to everyone who has kept my family in your prayers.

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