Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nathan is finished!

Nathan is finished  with everything chemo and radiation!!! In about a month he will get his port-a-cath taken out! so after 2 Biopsy, 14 chemo treatments, 18 Dr. visits, 6 ER visits, hair loss, 6 antibiotic treatments, 47 in-patient stays, 8 fever/Neutropenia, 1 Line Placement port, 2 lumbar puncture, 220 Blood Draws/pokes, 44 Radiation, 1 surgery, 22 CT scans/MRI/X-rays, and 21 Transfusions-we can say he's DONE! I am one proud mommy! Nate has grown up so much, we are so proud of him! We just wanted to thank everyone for all their prays and continue support! 

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